Each colloquium starts at 4:00pm on Wednesday unless otherwise noted. NSB colloquia are held in 222 Morrill Science Center II and refreshments are from 3:45-4:00pm.

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Spring 2017 Colloquium Schedule

Mar 1

Perception and attention in memory systems

Princeton University (Columbia University starting July 1, 2017)

HOST: Rosie Cowell

Mar 8

Decoding how information is represented and processed in higher-order cortical areas

Hampshire College

HOST: Rosie Cowell

Mar 22

Cognition and winter climate; from the lab into the wild

University of Nevada, Reno

HOST: Jeff Podos

Mar 24

Sushi and satellites: Tracking tunas and sharks in our blue serengeti

Sinauer Lecture

Stanford University

Location TBA

The Sinauer Lecture series is funded by Sinauer Associates, Inc., publisher of college texts in biology, psychology, and neuroscience.

Mar 29

Sensory processing in larval zebrafish: perspectives from whole-brain calcium imaging

The University of Queensland, Australia

HOST: Gerry Downes

Apr 5

Glutamatergic targets mediating adolescent alcohol drinking and synaptic plasticity

Institute of Neurobiology, University of Puerto Rico

STUDENT HOST: Andrea Silva-Gotay

Apr 12

Reward and uncertainty in the prefrontal cortex

Yale School of Medicine

Apr 18

Note change of date to TUESDAY at 4 PM

Use of experimental models in humans to understand the reproductive-endocrine basis of neuropsychological symptoms in women

Brigham and Women's Hospital; Harvard Medical School

Apr 26

Synaptic impairments in mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders

University of Nebraska Medical Center

May 3

Typical & atypical development of neural systems for action understanding

The George Washington University

STUDENT HOST: Amanda Cremone