Andrew J. Smith

PhD Candidate

B.S., University of Leeds, 2009
M.S., University of Bristol, 2011

Dissertation/thesis title: The role of phenotypic integration in mammalian tooth function and jaw morphological diversity

Research Interests

Many of my interests centre on the evolution of form and its relation to function. My research questions focus on morphological diversity and how it changes through time. More specifically I use a range of computational and physical modeling techniques primarily using the mammalian dentition to explore the evolution of morphology in this group of animals.

Smith, A.J.*, Rosario, M.V.*, Eiting, T.P., Dumont, E.R., 2014. Joined at the hip: linked characters and the problem of missing data in studies of disparity. Evolution, 68(8), p.2386-2400.
*Equal contribution

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