Elsbeth Walker

Dr. Elsbeth Walker

Gilgut Professor, Biology (sabbatical fall 16)


A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1984
Ph.D., Rockefeller University, 1989

1990-1993 Yale University

Research Area: Cell and Developmental Biology, Genomics and Genetics
Field of Study: Molecular genetic approaches to studying mechanisms of metal ion homeostasis in plants
Office: 374C Morrill IV South

My lab is conducting two distinct research projects. In the first project, we are investigating the mechanisms that control the uptake and homeostasis of iron. This project has important implications both for our basic understanding of these mechanisms, and also for our ability to manipulate the iron content of particular plant parts as a means of improving the iron nutritional quality of food. In the second project, we are using molecular approaches to discover genes involved in production of paclitaxel (generic name for Taxol™ - Bristol-Myers Squibb). Genes discovered during this project will improve our ability to supply sufficient quantities of paclitaxel to the world.

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