Laura A. Katz

Professor of Biological Sciences, Smith College


Ph.D, Cornell University

Research Area: Evolution and Ecology, Genomics and Genetics
Field of Study: Genome evolution and biodiversity studies of microbial eukaryotes
Office: 201 Burton Hall, Smith College

Work in the Katz lab aims to elucidate principles of eukaryotic evolution through phylogenetic reconstruction, community sampling and analyses of genome evolution. The bulk of eukaryotic diversity is microbial, with plants, animals and fungi representing only three of some 60–200 lineages of eukaryotes. Many of these microbial lineages are understudied, yet the limited data available suggest the eukaryotic microbes challenge established principles in biology. We are currently focusing on four aspects of the evolution of eukaryotic microbes:

Assembling the Eukaryotic Tree of Life through Analyses of Eukaryotic Microbes
Phylogeography of Coastal Choreotrich and Oligotrich Ciliates
Molecular Systematics of Ciliates
Genome Evolution in Ciliates