Martha Hoopes

Professor of Biological Sciences, Mt. Holyoke College


BA in Physics and English, Phi Beta Kappa. Williams College, Williamstown, MA, 1987
Ph.D., Graduate Group in Ecology, University of California, Davis 1999

Postdoctoral Training

University of California, Berkeley, CA 1999-2004

Not accepting new students
Research Area: Evolution and Ecology, Plant Environment Interactions
Field of Study: Spread dynamics, impacts, and lag times in invasion ecology, as well as metacommunity dynamics, particularly for plants and herbivores.
Office: 214 Clapp, Mount Holyoke College

My research focuses broadly on the roles of spatial and temporal heterogeneity in plant population and community dynamics with a strong focus on invasion dynamics and conservation. I split my time between applied projects and those testing general theories or hypotheses. My strategy for most of my research is to combine multifactorial experiments with mathematical models. Current work examines factors that affect the impacts of invasive species in the Polygonaceae (Polygonum and Rumex genera), invasive facilitation from nitrogen fixers, and invasive metacommunities.