Gilgut Chair and Fellowships in Plant Biology

The Gilgut Chair in Plant Biology was established in 1998 by the family of Professor Constantine J. Gilgut, to honor his more than 50 years of teaching, research and outreach in Botany and Plant Pathology at the University. Dr. Sam Hazen, Plant Biology Director, and Professor in the Biology Department, is the current Gilgut Chair.  The Gilgut endowment fund also aims to support outstanding students in the field of plant science, known as Gilgut Fellows.  When funds are available, the Gilgut fellowship provides a full year of funding to a current PB graduate student.  

For 2019-20, the Gilgut fellowship was awarded to Ahmet Bakirbas, from the Walker Lab, Josh Coomey from the Hazen, Ian McCahill from the Hazen Lab, and  Maura Zimmermann from the Baskin Lab.

Our recent Gilgut Fellows: