Chi–Yun Kuo

PhD Candidate

B.S., National Taiwan University, 2003
M.S., National Taiwan University, 2006

Advisor: Duncan J. Irschick
Dissertation/thesis title: A tale of lost tails: a cost-benefit analysis of the variation in an extreme antipredator trait

Research Interests

I have a broad interest in evolutionary ecology, especially along the line of how ecology and evolution interact to prompt biological adaptation. At the interface of ecology and evolution, I am also interested in how whole-organism performance plays a role in determining individual fitness. I have done several projects here at UMass: the effects of external loads on jump performance and kinematics in green anole lizards, how losing the tail might change the behavior in a Puerto Rican anole, and individual variation in the ability to recover from locomotor instability following tail loss in green anoles. For my PhD dissertation, I use tail autotomy in lizards as a system to understand factors that might affect the expression of a complex and costly antipredator trait in both laboratory and natural environments. Specifically, my dissertation consists of the following three components:

(1) Functional morphology of tail vertebrae in the process of tail autotomy
(2) The roles of resource availability and personality of individuals in determining the ease of tail autotomy
(3) The correlation between predation intensity and the facility of tail autotomy among allopatric populations


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