OEB Seminars

In the fall and spring semesters OEB seminars are generally held in Morrill Science Center 2 South, Room 222, Fridays at 4pm, unless otherwise noted. Seminars are usually hybrid, and the Zoom link will be emailed to the OEB-seminars list-serv. 

All informal gathering precedes seminars at 3:45pm.
Each seminar is followed by an opportunity for continued conversation with the speaker.

To find more seminars in the Life Sciences, visit the Graduate Programs in Life Sciences Calendar.
For a listing of seminars offered through the College of Natural Sciences, go to CNS Department and Program Seminars

Contact: UMass Seminars IDGP

Spring 2023 Seminar Schedule

Feb 17

Paradigms and paradoxes in evolutionary biology

Northeastern University

Host: Katrina Zarrella-Smith

222 Morrill II & Zoom

Mar 3

Microgeographic variation and genetic management in coastal foundation species

Northeastern University

Host: Lisa Komoroske

222 Morrill II & Zoom

Mar 24

Exploring plant-mediated insect/pathogen interactions in berry agroecosystems

Rutgers University

Host: Lynn Adler

222 Morrill II & Zoom

Mar 31

Can we find adaptive genes using whole genome re-sequencing?

University of Bath

Host: Ana Caicedo

Watch Party @ 222 Morrill II & Zoom

Apr 7

[CANCELED] Exploring a more holistic view of predation by considering both consumptive and non-consumptive effects on prey ecology

Penn State University

Host: Lynn Adler

222 Morrill II & Zoom

Apr 14

OEB Postdoc Talks

Kristina Smiley: "Lactation hormones in birds and dads: How prolactin shapes parenting behaviors across taxa" (Host: Luke Remage-Healey)
Allison Rugila: "Acclimatization in a changing environment linking larval and juvenile performance in the quahog Mercenaria mercenaria" (Host: Brian Cheng)

222 Morrill II & Zoom

Apr 21

The role of floral rewards mediating pollinator-pathogen interactions

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Host: Duncan Irschick

222 Morrill II & Zoom

Apr 28

[UPDATED] Big picture immunology: body size shapes immune strategies

SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry

Host: Alex Gerson

222 Morrill II & Zoom

May 5

From molecules to clades: integrative studies of bat diversification

University of Washington

Host: Susannah Lerman

222 Morrill II & Zoom

May 12

Impact of invasive species across ecosystem boundaries and time

University of Vermont

Host: Matt Fertakos

222 Morrill II & Zoom