OEB Seminars

Spring 2021 Seminar Schedule

Feb 5

A biodiverse life: lessons and ways to help save life on Earth

Wildlife Conservation Society

Host: Ana Caicedo
Virtual Seminar

Feb 12

Fungaria, fieldwork and phylogeny -- a look at fungal diversity

Harvard University

Host: Li-Jun Ma
Virtual Seminar

Feb 19

Climate Change Refugia: Biodiversity Change in the Slow Lane

U.S. Geological Survey, Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center

Host: Bethany Bradley
Virtual Seminar 

Feb 26

Restoring Changing Ecosystems

University of Pittsburgh

Host: Eve Beaury
Virtual Seminar

Mar 5

Mechanisms and consequences of living with rapid environmental change: insights from the polluted lives of Atlantic killifish

University of Maine

Host: Lian Guo
Virtual Seminar

Mar 12

Using Bayesian approaches to examine ecological and evolutionary influences on disease dynamics

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Host: Evan Grant
Virtual Seminar

Mar 19

The Evolution of young genes across stickleback populations and their impacts on ecological and genomic differentiation

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Host: Katrina Zarella Smith
Virtual Seminar

Mar 26

Exploring Venom Glands, Diversity, and Function of Carnivorous Marine Snails

Hunter College

Host: Paul Katz
FRIDAY - Cohosted OEB/NSB Seminar 
Virtual Seminar

Mar 31

Eco-Evo-Physiology of Animal Behavior & Life Histories

University of Michigan

Host: Nikki Lee
Wednesday - Cohosted OEB/NSB Seminar
Virtual Seminar

Apr 2

Alexander Lecture
The Genetics and Genomics of Olfaction in Malaria Mosquitoes and EuSocial Ants Drive the Development of Insect Excito-Repellents

Vanderbilt University 

Host: James Staros

Apr 9

BRiDGE Seminar

Michigan State University 

Host: Elsa Cousins
Virtual Seminar

Apr 16


Host: Alex Gerson
Virtual Seminar

Apr 23


OEB Faculty Lightning Talks

Virtual Seminar

Apr 30


Pennsylvania State University 

Host: Ana Caicedo
Virtual Seminar