OEB Seminars

All seminars take place at 4:00 p.m. on Fridays in MOR2 222 unless otherwise noted. 

Refreshments precede seminars at 3:45 p.m.

Each seminar is followed by an opportunity for further refreshments and continued conversation.

To find more seminars in the Life Sciences, visit the Graduate Programs in Life Sciences Calendar.

For a listing of seminars offered through the College of Natural Sciences, go to CNS Department and Program Seminars

Spring 2019 Seminar Schedule

Feb 1

Convergent regulatory evolution in the origin of flightlessness in birds

Harvard University

Host: Mario Roberto Ceron Romero

Feb 8

Darwin Fellow Candidate Talk
The past is key to the present: deep time perspectives on mammalian diversity

Post Doctoral Research Associate, Anthropology

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Feb 15

Darwin Fellow Candidate Talk
Evolution of complex sensory systems

UC Santa Barbara

Feb 22

Darwin Fellow Candidate Talk
Adaptation in a changing world: Evolutionary mechanisms of salt tolerance in a coastal amphibian

East Carolina University

Mar 1

Darwin Fellow Candidate Talk
The evolution and genetics of mating preferences

Cornell University

Mar 22

Inflating front, spring-loaded back: Modularity and function in crocodilian copulatory anatomy

Research Assistant Professor, Biology Department

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Host: Patricia Brennan

Mar 29

The new normal? What we know and don't know about wildfires under global change: A California perspective

Senior Research Scientist
Conservation Biology Institute


Host: Emily Fusco

Apr 5

Sinauer Associates/OUP Distinguished Scientist Lecture

How to tame a fox and build a dog

Department of Biology

University of Louisville

Host: Norman Johnson

NOTE: This lecture will be held in the Integrated Learning Center, Room S331.

Apr 12

A co-evolutionary phyrric victory

Ecology and Evollutionary Biology
University of Connecticut

Host: Ana Caicedo

Apr 19

Fishes did it first: Morphological mechanisms and bioinspiration

Department of Biology
New Jersey  Institute of Technology


Host: Diane Kelly

Apr 26

Game of thorns: ants, acacias, and the landscape consequences of mutualism breakdown in an African savanna

The Nature Conservancy

Host: Kadambari Devarajan