Elsa A. Cousins

OEB PhD candidate Elsa Cousins

PhD Candidate

B.S. in Biology from the College of Charleston

B.A. in Studio Art from the College of Charleston

Advisor: Kristina Stinson

Research Interests

Elsa's current research is focused on investigating the evolutionary trajectory of secondary defense chemical production along the edge populations of field pennycress, a ubiquitous non-native plant. Elsa is interested in science communication and outreach, and has been conducting field research at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab in Gothic, Colorado. She is a member of the NE Regional Invasive Species and Climate Change Management Network. As a teaching fellow in the College of Natural Sciences, she is the instructor of a seminar course on the intersection of science and art. She also writes for That's Life [Science], is on the steering committee for BRiDGE, and co-facilitates the Diversity Inclusion and Pedagogy seminar cohosted in the Geosciences and Environmental Conservation departments.