Graziella V. DiRenzo

Dr. Graziella V. DiRenzo

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Environmental Conservation

Assistant Unit Leader, USGS Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research

Ph.D. in Biology (2016) – University of Maryland, College Park, MD
B.S. in Biology Summa Cum Laude (2011)– University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Research Interests

I am a quantitative ecologist interested in disease dynamics, community and population ecology, and species conservation.

To mimic natural hierarchical systems, I develop hierarchical Bayesian models, and I exploit data collected over space and time to separate ecological and observational processes to answer ecological questions.

My research program focuses on unifying ecological and evolutionary theory to address fundamental questions in disease ecology using field, experimental, and quantitative approaches.


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Selected Publications

Zipkin, E. F., DiRenzo, G. V., Rossman, S., Ray, J. M, & K. R. Lips. 2020. Tropical snake community collapses following pathogen-induced amphibian loss. Science 367: 814-816

Russell, R., DiRenzo, G. V., Alger, K., Grant, E. H. C., & J. Szymanski. 2020. Principles and mechanisms of disease resistance and resilience in wildlife. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8: 344.

DiRenzo, G. V., C. Che-Castaldo, S. P. Saunders, E. H. C. Grant, & E. F Zipkin. 2019. Disease-structured N-mixture models: A practical guide to model disease dynamics using count data. Ecology & Evolution 9, 899–909.

DiRenzo, G. V., E. F. Zipkin, E. H. C. Grant, J. A. Royle, A. V. Longo, K. R. Zamudio, & K. R. Lips. 2018. Eco-evolutionary rescue promotes host-pathogen coexistence. Ecological Applications 28, 1948–1962.

DiRenzo, G. V., E. H. Campbell Grant, A. V. Longo, C. Che-Castaldo, K. R. Zamudio, & K. R. Lips. 2018. Imperfect pathogen detection from non-invasive skin swabs biases disease inference. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9, 380–389.

DiRenzo, G. V., C. Che-Castaldo, A. Rugenski, R. Brenes, M. R. Whiles, C. M. Pringle, S. S. Kilham, & K. R. Lips. 2017. Disassembly of a tadpole community by a multi-host fungal pathogen with limited evidence of recovery. Ecological Applications 27: 309-320.