Jason Carmignani

OEB grad student, Jason Carmignani

PhD Candidate

B.A., Clark University, 2010
M.A., Clark University, 2012

Advisor: Allison H. Roy

Research Interests

I am generally interested in how human stressors affect freshwater ecosystems and how this can be best applied to managment. I am currently researching the ecological effects of annual winter water level drawdowns in Massachusetts lakes. Winter drawdowns are a common management practice in Massachusetts lakes, yet we do not know the impacts on littoral zone communities. My research aims to determine the extent of winter drawdown effects on physical habitat relevant for macroinvertebrates and fish (e.g., macrophytes, large wood, sediment), macroinvertebrate density and composition, freshwater mussel distributions, and littoral carbon reliance of common fish species.


Carmignani JR, AH Roy (2017) Ecological impacts of winter water level drawdowns on lake littoral zones: a review. Aquatic Sciences 79:803-824.