Mariamar Gutierrez Ramirez

OEB PhD student, Mariamar Gutierrez, with a nano-tagged Northern Waterthrush

PhD Candidate

B.S., Biology, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua, 2007

M.S., Natural Resources, Delaware State University, 2015


Advisor: Alexander R. Gerson

Research Interests

My current research focuses on the physiology of migration in Nearctic-Neotropical birds.  By using a combination of methods, including metabolite profiling, quantative magnetic resonance, and automated radio telemetry, I aim to better understand the influence of body condition on stopover duration and total migration timing.  This is important to understand, as there may be critical carry-over effects impacting fitness and survival of these species. Ultimately, I hope my research helps to inform conservation decisions. 


Measuring bill width in a migratory bird

Heckscher, CM, Gutierrez Ramirez, M, and AH Kneidel (2017) Reproductive outcomes determine the timing of arrival and settlement of a single-brooded Nearctic–Neotropical migrant songbird (Catharus fuscescens) in South America. The Auk 134(4):842-856

Lester LA, Gutierrez Ramirez M, Kneidel AH, Heckscher CM (2016) Use of a Florida Gulf Coast Barrier Island by Spring Trans-Gulf Migrants and the Projected Effects of Sea Level Rise on Habitat Availability. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0148975. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0148975

Morales, S., Zolotoff, J.M., Gutiérrez, M. & Torrez, M. (2009) Nicaragua. Pp 281–288 in C. Devenish, D. F. Díaz Fernández, R. P. Clay, I. Davidson & I. Yépez Zabala Eds. Important Bird Areas Americas - Priority sites for biodiversity conservation. Quito, Ecuador: BirdLife International (BirdLife Conservation Series No. 16).


Research Grant - UMass Graduate School Dissertation Fieldwork Grant (2017-18)
2017-18 Joseph L. Boscov Fellowship
Research Grant - American Ornithologists' Union (2016)
Research Grant - Wilson Ornithological Society (2016)