Skye M. Long

Photo of Skye Long

B.S., University of Southern Maine, 2008

Advisor: Elizabeth M. Jakob
Dissertation/thesis title: Spider brains and behavior

Research Interests

Functional neurobiology of spider brains


Spano, L., S. M. Long and E. M. Jakob 2012. Secondary eyes mediate the response to looming objects in jumping spiders (Phidippus audax, Salticidae) Biol. Lett. 8:949-951

Long, S. M., S. Lewis, L. Jean-Louis, G. Ramos, J. Richmond, and E. M. Jakob. 2011. Firefly flashing and jumping spider predation. Animal Behaviour 83:81-86.

Jakob, E. M., C. Skow and S. Long. 2011. Plasticity, learning and cognition. In M. E. Herberstein (ed.), Spider Behaviour: Flexibility and Versatility. Cambridge University Press. Pp. 307-347.