Yong Zhang

PhD Candidate

B.S., China Agricultural University, 2010
M.S., China Agricultural University, 2013

Advisor: Li–Jun Ma

Research Interests

I mainly focus on Fusarium oxysporum, a destructive fungal pathogen that can cause vascular wilts of various host plants. I used comparative fungal genomics to understand genomic dynamics and evolution.


Zhang, Y., K. Zhang, A.F. Fang, Y.Q. Han, J. Yang, M.F. Xue, …, W.X. Sun (2014). Specific adaptation of Ustilaginoidea virens in occupying host florets revealed by comparative and functional genomics. Nat. Commun. 5:3849.

Yang, Y., H. Zhao, R.A. Barrero, …, Y. Zhang, X. Huang, Q. Tang, H.W. Liu, M.I. Bellgard, D.Y. Qiu, J.L. Lai, A. Hoffman (2014). Genome sequencing and analysis of the paclitaxel-producing endophytic fungus Penicillium aurantiogriseum NRRL 62431 BMC Genomics. 15:69.