J. Richard Pilsner

Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

B.A., Hamline University, 1995; M.P.H., Columbia University, 2003; Ph.D., Columbia University, 2007; Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar, University of Michigan, 2007-10

Research Interests

J. Richard Pilsner is an interdisciplinary environmental epigeneticist focused on delineating the role of epigenetics as an intermediate step in the mechanistic pathway linking both maternal and paternal environmental exposures to reproductive and offspring health.  The centerpiece of his research is the human environmental health cohort, Sperm Environmental Epigenetics and Development Study (SEEDS), which examines the role of sperm epigenetics as a mechanism linking paternal environmental exposures, such as endocrine disrupting compounds, to reproductive and subsequent offspring health.  To compliment my research goals in humans, Dr. Pilsner examines allele-specific inheritance of the sperm methylome from preconception exposure to plasticizers.


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