Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule

Sep 7

Intrinsically disordered proteins as regulators of enzymes and multivalent interactions

Aarhus University

Hosts: Margaret Stratton and Peter Chien
12:00pm Virtual Seminar 

Sep 15

Mapping the pathways of spliceosome active site formation with single molecule microscopy

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Host: Eric Strieter
4:00pm Virtual Seminar

Sep 22

Byron Talks

Katherine Zabala Sanidad (Zhang Lab)
Postdoctoral Associate, Zeng Lab, Weill Cornell Medicine
Host:  Guodong Zhang

Alex Wells (Pobezinsky Lab)
Postoctoral Fellow, Belkaid Lab, NIAID/NIH
Talk Title:  Investigation of the tissue-imprinted cues regulating cutaneous immunity
Host:  Leonid Pobezinsky

4:00pm Virtual Seminar

Sep 28

Clash of the titans: How ticks navigate bloodmeal hosts and their microbes for survival

University of California, San Francisco

Host: Peter Chien
12:00pm Virtual Seminar

Oct 12

Precision targeting of the gut microbiota: Cancer and beyond

University of North Carolina

Host: Guodong Zhang
12:00pm Virtual Seminar

Oct 19

Maintenance and remodeling of epithelial cell-cell junctions during cell shape changes

University of Michigan

Host: Tom Maresca
12:00pm Virtual Seminar

Oct 20

Bioproduct formation from CO2

University of California, Davis

Host: Josh Foster
4:00pm Virtual Seminar

Oct 26

Immune clocks: A right time to vaccinate and to fight infections

McGill University

Host: Michelle Farkas
12:00pm Virtual Seminar

Oct 27

Multiplexable protein reporters and other new apps for nanopore sensor technology

University of Washington

Host: Spencer Shorkey
4:00pm Virtual Seminar

Nov 2

Tau Mini-Symposium

Uncovering mechanisms of tau aggregation, spreading and toxicity by CRISPR-based functional genomics
Michel Goedert, University of Cambridge

Cryo-EM structures of amyloid filaments from human brain
Martin Kampmann, University of California, San Francisco

Hosts: Jeanne Hardy and Amanda Woerman
12:00pm Virtual Seminar

Nov 9

ATPases in Protein Remodeling and Destruction

Vanderbilt University

Host: Afua Adusei
12:00pm Virtual Seminar

Nov 10

A detailed look at tail-anchored membrane protein targeting - from yeast to people to plants

California Institute of Technology

Host: Lynmarie Thompson
4:00pm Virtual Seminar 

Nov 17

Cellular and Molecular Determinants of Copper Activation of Protein Kinases in Cancer

University of Pennsylvania

Host: Meg Stratton
4:00pm Virtual Seminar