Spring 2024 Seminar Schedule

Feb 13

No Seminar

Feb 20

Postdoc showcase

 Purnima Mala (Martin Lab)

James Liu (Cheung Lab)

Feb 27

Unraveling the Ubiquitin Code: Insights into Nervous System Function and Dysfunction

Georgia State

Host: Eric Strieter/ChangHui Pak

Mar 5

Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions to Explore Neurodegenerative Diseases


Host: Peter Chien/Jenny Rauch

Mar 12

POSTPONED - No Seminar

Yale Neuroscience

Host: Beatriz Martinez-Martin/Lydia Proskauer

Mar 26

No Seminar - POSTPONED


Host: Beatriz Martinez-Martin

Apr 2

No seminar

Apr 9

Sumoylation and Chromatin modulators in Skeletal Development and Diseases

Van Andel Institute

Host: Jungwoo Lee

Apr 16

Enhancing Gamma Oscillations in Alzheimer's Disease: Mechanisms and Pilot Study in Humans


Host: ChangHui Pak

Apr 23

Unwrapping the herpesvirus genome packaging machinery


Host: Mandy Muller

Apr 30

Type III secretion system: a bacterial device for the orderly delivery of virulence proteins


Host: Alejandro Heuck

May 7

Genomics and Drug Discovery in Neuropsychiatric disorders


Host: ChangHui Pak