Spring 2019 Seminar Schedule

Jan 22

Ubiquitin-dependent quality control in neuronal development and homeostasis

UC Berkeley

Host: Eric Strieter
Location: ISB 221

Jan 29

Interstitial fluid flow in the brain tumor microenvironment

Virginia Tech.

Host: Shelly Peyton
Location: ISB 221

Feb 12

CANCELLED due to inclement weather
Tools for analyzing and controlling complex biological systems


Host: Peter Chien
Location: LSL S330

Mar 5

T cell mediated regulation of the microbiota prevents obesity

University of Utah

Hosts: David Sela and Shelly Peyton
Location: ISB 221

Mar 19

Metabolic evolution in plants


Host: Sibongile Mafu
Location: ISB 221 (TUESDAY)
Co-hosted by MCB and PB

Mar 26

Regulated transcript toggling and protein degradation set meiotic protein levels

UC Berkeley

Host: Peter Chien
Location: ISB 221

Apr 2

Investigation, detection, and control of foodborne viruses

UMass Amherst

Host: Scott Garman
Location: ISB 221

Apr 8

Nordin Lecture:  Allostery and dynamics in transmembrane signaling by growth factor receptor tyrosine kinases

Yale University School of Medicine

Location:  LSL S330/340
Reception at 3:30

Host:  James V. Staros

Apr 9

Nordin Lecture:  Understanding and correcting aberrant receptor tyrosine kinase signaling in disease

Yale University School of Medicine

Location:  LSL S330/340
Reception at 3:30

Host: James V. Staros

Apr 16

Fantastic mRNAs and where to find them

Colorado State University

Host: Michelle Facette
Location: ISB 221

Apr 23

When antibodies misbehave, misfold, and kill: stability, kinetics, and dynamics of immunoglobulin light chains

Mayo Clinic

Hosts: Anne Gershenson and Dan Hebert
Location: ISB 221

Apr 30

Finding new anti-arrhythmic drugs

Washington University, St. Louis

Host: Jianhan Chen
Location: ISB 221

May 7

Rotation Talks

Kristyn Robinson (Alfandari Group)
Afua Adusei (Morita Group)
Rebecca Gordon (Morita Group)
Hanling Guo (Siegrist Group)
Daniel MacVeigh-Fierro (Fritz-Laylin Group)
Saman Nayyab (Fissore Group)
Justyne Ogdahl (Chien Group)

Location:  French 209

May 22

Brucellosis – a case of  symbiosis gone bad

East Carolina University 
Faculty Hosts: Cynthia Baldwin and Peter Chien
Location: LSL S330
Time: 10AM