Fall 2017 Seminar Schedule

Sep 5

Mapping the Cell Cycle Regulatory Network

University of Massachusetts Medical School

HOST:  Peter Chien

Sep 12

IALS CORE Directors Facilities 

UMass Amherst

HOST: Peter Chien

Sep 19

Using the zebrafish tailbud as an in vivo model of stem cell and cancer biology

Stony Brook University

HOST:  Tom Maresca

Sep 26

How aging impacts the response to influenza infection

UConn Health

HOST:  Mark Miller

Oct 3

Visualization of transcription dynamics in living Drosophila embryos

Princeton Univeristy

Oct 17

Physiologically Relevant Rat Models of Estrogen-Induced Mammary Cancer Reveal Novel Insights into Genetics of Breast Cancer Risk in Humans

University of Wisconsin

HOST:  Joseph Jerry


Oct 19

Investigating molecular motors at a range of resolutions using Cryo-EM

The Scripps Research Institute

NOTE:  Thursday, Oct 19th at 4pm in LSL S330

HOST:  Peter Chien

Oct 24

Molecular mechanisms underlying function and dysfunction of nuclear envelope proteins

Yale School of Medicine

HOST:  Peter Chien

Oct 31

Forecasting Infectious Disease Outbreaks via Weighted Density Ensembles

UMass Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences

HOST: Peter Chien

Nov 7

Small molecule strategies to induce protein degradation

Brandeis University

Nov 14

A structural and mechanistic approach to developing mutant-selective EGFR inhibitors for lung cancer

Harvard Medical School

HOST:  Meg Stratton

Nov 28

Regulation of chromatin structure in stem cells and early embryos

UMass Medical School

Dec 5

Transport of lipopolysaccharides across the bacterial cell envelope

The Ohio State University

HOST:  Sloan Siegrist

Dec 12

CANCELLED - Cargo Sorting Receptors in ER Trafficking and Quality Control

Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine

HOST:  Dan Hebert