Spring 2023 Seminar Schedule

Feb 14

Using a universal host to study the mechanism of prion replication

Surachai Suppatapone


Host: Amanda Woerman

Feb 21

First-year rotation talks

Jamie Northup

Jose Martinez-Montes

William Witt

Oguz Koc

Feb 28

No Seminar

Mar 7

4th Year Talks 

Kiserian Jackson

Mar 21

Shape-controlled molecular assembly and shape-selected structural biology

Songi Han

University of California Santa Barbara

Host: Jenny Rauch

Mar 28

4th Year Talks

Emily Lopes
Kaitlyn Gilliam

Apr 3

From cilia to swimming: Connecting sub-cellular dynamics with macroscopic behavior

Guillermina Ramirez-San Juan

EPFL Lausanne Switzerland

Host: Katrina Velle

Apr 10

On the Expanding Cadre of Prions Causing Neurodegeneration

Dr. Stanley B. Prusiner

Amanda Woerman, Biology Department

Apr 11

Postponed - Redox control of translation by ribosome ubiquitination

Gustavo Silva

Duke University

Host: Peter Chien

Apr 25

Canceled - Tumor Dormancy

Cyrus Ghajar

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Host: Shelly Peyton

May 2

Title TBA

Louise Glass

University of California Berkeley

May 9

Canceled: John Kuriyan

Vanderbilt University

Host: Meg Stratton

May 16

MCB Seminar

Zhiping Pang

Rutgers University

Danny McSweeney/ChangHui Pak