OEB Seminars

All seminars take place at 4:00 p.m. on Fridays in MOR2 222 unless otherwise noted. 

Refreshments precede seminars at 3:45 p.m.

Each seminar is followed by an opportunity for further refreshments and continued conversation.

To find more seminars in the Life Sciences, visit the Graduate Programs in Life Sciences Calendar.

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Fall 2018 Seminar Schedule

Sep 14

Human evolutionary adaptation: lessons from high altitude

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Host: Lynnette Sievert

Sep 18

Special IDGP Workshop
Hands-on workshop aimed to help students get creative about ways they can market their skills and knowledge

Katherine Onk

Host: Samantha Glaze-Corcoran
Tuesday seminar
French Hall, Room 209, 10AM


Sep 21

Wood, sulfur and the peculiar eating habits of shipworms

Northeastern University

Hosts: Barry Goodell and Jody Jellison

Sep 28

Mechanisms of resilience in the diverse and changing sea

University of Vermont

Host: Lisa Komoroske

Oct 3

The evolution of mechanosensation and its role in motor control and movement.

University of Chicago

Host: Gerry Downes

Co-sponsors: OEB and NSB

Oct 12

Homology and homoplasy of neural circuits and behavior in nudibranch molluscs

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Host: Norman Johnson

NOTE: Talk is of interest to both the OEB and NSB Programs. Scheduled for regular OEB Friday seminar day and time.

Oct 19

Delicious rot: using fermented foods to dissect microbiome diversity

Tufts University

Host: Grace Pold

Oct 26

Mammalian thermoregulatory phenotypes: Clues for deciphering the past and predicting the future

University of Maine

Host: Alex Gerson

Nov 2

What can plankton tell us about links between ecosystems and disease?

University of Michigan

Hosts: Paige Warren and Bethany Bradley

Nov 9

Alexander Lecture

The sweet taste of nectar: novel mechanisms for encoding taste revealed in bees

Newcastle University (United Kingdom)

Host: Lynn Adler

Nov 16

Our evolving view of cell motility

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Host: Jeff Blanchard

Nov 29

Sibling cooperation and interparental conflict in a seed: how plant mothers, fathers, and siblings behave during the act of reproduction in flowering plants

Harvard University

Host: Alice Cheung
Co-sponsored by PB and OEB
Note: Seminar will take place Thursday, 4pm, in Morrill 2 South, Room 222

Dec 7

The evolution of diverse osmotic physiologies in fishes: mechanistic insights through the integration of comparative physiology and genomics

UC Davis

Host: Jessica Norstog