News & Announcements

Robert Yvon awarded research fellowship from ASPB

Robert Yvon, an undergraduate in Alice Cheung’s lab, received a summer fellowship for research from the ASPB (American Society of Plant Biologists). The title of his research project is: Discovering the Connections of the FERONIA Receptor Kinase and its Functional Partners in Arabidopsis. Read more

We are pleased to announce the following PB thesis defense

Zhongyun Huang
Monday, July 31, 2017
10:30 AM
LSL N410
Thesis Title: All roads lead to weediness: stories about weedy rice origins, weedy genes and weed competitiveness
Advisor: Ana Caicedo

“Sunflowers as treatment and preventative for bumble and honey bee pathogens.”

George LoCascio

UMass Amherst Biology Professor Lynn Adler received a $1 million grant from the USDA’s Pollinator Health Program to study the role sunflower pollen may play in improving and preserving bee health. Professor Adler is an expert in pollination and plant-insect interactions. Read more

Miriam Hernandez-Romero awarded the NEAGEP Leadership Fellowship

Plant Biology student Miriam Hernandez-Romero (Wang Lab) received a NEAGEP Leadership Fellowship.

Julie Davis Awarded 2017 Torrey Scholarship

The Scholarship Committee of the Plant Biology Graduate Program recently reviewed applications for the 2017 Ray Ethan Torrey Scholarship award in Plant Biology. The applications this year were very strong, and the pool was competitive. The committee is pleased to announce that Julie Davis is the recipient of the 2017 Ray Ethan Torrey Scholarship award in Plant Biology.