The Fall PB seminar series features presentations from PB faculty, graduate students and other plant scientists from the Northeast area, including a special seminar on Monday, October 17th, co-sponsored with the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. PB seminars are held in 222 Morrill Science Center South, Thursdays at 4pm, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments will be served beginning at 3:50pm.

The 14th Annual PB symposium will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2016 - "Phytobiomes: The Social Networks of Plants and Microbes" and will feature internationally recognized speakers in the field including: Paul Schulze-Lefert from the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding; Johan Leveau from UC Davis; Mary Firestone from UC Berkeley, Linda Kinkel from the University of Minnesota and Kelly Claven from the Noble Foundation. 

New this fall: We will have two brown bag lunches with current PB students sharing their summer research experiences: On Sept. 8 - Zhongyun Huang from the Caicedo Lab will talk about her Genomics team summer internship with Dow AgroSciences R&D Department in Indianapolis and Harry Klein from the Bartlett Lab will present on his NSF micro MORPH summer course at the Arnold Arboretum, Harvard "Plant Morphology: Linking Phenotype to Development".  On Sept. 15.  Jarrett Man from the Bartlett Lab reviews the Cold Spring Harbor course "Frontiers and Techniques in Plant Science" and Sandra Romero-Gamboa from the Hazen Lab will discuss the NSF Plant Transformation Workshop that she attended at URI.  Lunches will be at 12 noon in French Hall 209 - dessert will be provided.

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Fall 2016 Seminar Schedule

Sep 8

PB Faculty Research/Rotation Talks

Madelaine Bartlett, "Molecules to morphology, and back again, in plant development and evolution"

Tobias Baskin, "Roots"

Alice Cheung, "Molecular and cellular studies of pollen-pistil interactions"

UMass Amherst PB Program

Sep 15

PB Faculty Research/Rotation Talks

Magdalena Bezanilla, "How do cell’s template their extracellular geography?" Ana Caicedo, "Building crops and weeds: evolution in the agricultural environment" , Marco Keiluweit, "Root meets soil: a hotspot for carbon cycling", Dong Wang, "Life on the Edge: host-microbe interactions at the cellular interface."

UMass Amherst PB Program

Sep 22

Introducing Tropical Vegetables Grown in Massachusetts for Tropical Consumers

Stockbridge School of Agriculture, UMass Amherst

Sep 29

Molecular chaperone machineries for the biogenesis of RuBisCO, the most abundant protein

Department of Cellular Biochemistry, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

PB faculty host: Elizabeth Vierling

Oct 6

PB Faculty Meeting and CAFE Overview and Discussion

Elizabeth Vierling, PB Program Leader and Jody Jellison

Meeting for PB faculty only

Oct 13

Invasion in a changing world: Impacts of garlic mustard in northeastern temperate forests.

Julia Wheeler

Postdoctoral fellow, Stinson Lab

Oct 17

Breaking down the hourglass:  The multiple roles of nodulin intrinsic proteins in plant nutrition and stress responses

Biochemistry & Cellular & Molecular Biology, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Please note this seminar is on a Monday - co-hosted with Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Location: ISB 221

Host: Om Parkash

Oct 20

Microscopy, computer models, and missing genes: PIN-mediated pattern formation in plants

Career Development Fellow, Sainsbury Lab, University of Cambridge, UK

Oct 27

Chasing stutters: Connecting the lines between cytosolic calcium and growth in the moss, Physcomitrella patens.

PB PhD Graduate Student, Bezanilla Lab

Nov 3

Using molecular markers to investigate plant interactions belowground

Department of Biology, UMass Dartmouth

Nov 10

Oviposition preferences and host plant fitness in a novel nursery pollination interaction

OEB PhD Graduate Student, Adler Lab

Nov 17

Auxin dynamics during woody stem development

Associate Professor of Botany, Connecticut College

Nov 21

Fungi, Fescue and a Tripartite Mutualism

Department of Biology, Southern CT State University

Please note this seminar is on a Monday - hosted by Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Location: Paige 202

Dec 1

Dissecting plant fungal interactions with transcriptomics

PB PhD Graduate Student, Ma Lab