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Spring 2021 seminars will be held remotely.  The Zoom link will be emailed to the Plant Biology list-serv. 

In the fall and spring semesters PB seminars are generally held in Morrill Science Center 2 South, Room 222, Thursdays at 4pm, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments will be served beginning at 3:50pm.
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Spring 2021 Seminar Schedule

Jan 28

From stress-sensors to putative developmental controllers, using large-scale transcriptomics and comparative genomics to identify functional long non-coding RNAs in the mustards

Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University

Host: Ahmet Bakirbas
Virtual Seminar

Feb 4

Topological data analysis for quantifying plant morphology

Michigan State University 

Host: Amber DeNeve
Virtual Seminar

Feb 18

BTP Symposium: Plants the Future of Food and Medicine

Elizabeth Sattely - Stanford University
Zach Lippman - Cold Spring Harbor
Yisheng Wu - Conagen Inc
Devin O'Connor - Pairwise

Hosts: Sibongile Mafu and Madelaine Bartlett
Virtual Symposium
Thursday Feb. 18, 2020 (12:00 - 5: 00 pm EST)

Feb 25

Unexpected diversity in grass abscission zones

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Hosts: Rachel Tavares and Xiang Li
Virtual Seminar

Mar 4

Regulation of HD-ZIPIII transcription factors by deeply-conserved START domains

The Ohio State University 

Host: Madelaine Bartlett
Vitrual Seminar

Mar 11

Microbial endophytes for sustainable crop production

Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Host: Miriam Hernandez-Romero
Virtual Seminar

Mar 25

Genomics of environmentally dependent selection in a host-microbe (legume-rhizobia) symbiosis

University of Minnesota

Host: Ana Caicedo
Vitrual Seminar

Apr 1

Linking proteotype to phenotype during root development

Iowa State Univeristy 

Hosts: Michelle Facette and Madelaine Bartlett
Virtual Seminar

Apr 8

Membrane remodeling in plant endosomal trafficking

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Host: Michelle Facette
Virtual Seminar

Apr 15

Getting to the root of cytoskeletal-endomembrane crosstalk in plants

Noble Research Institute

Hosts: Michelle Facette and Alice Cheung
Vitrual Seminar

Apr 15

Cotton without agriculture: perspectives and opportunities

Host: Sam Hazen
Virtual Seminar

Apr 22

There are always flowers for those who want to see them

University of Washington

Host: Madelaine Bartlett
Virtual Seminar

Apr 29

DEI Panel
Dismantling racism in plant biology

Aman Husbands - The Ohio State University 
Maria Moreno - Yale University 
Chelsea Specht - Cornell University 

Hosts: Erin Patterson and Miriam Hernandez-Romero
Virtual Seminar