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Spring 2023 Seminar Schedule

Feb 9

Dynamic interplay between polarity and the cytoskeleton patterns the leaf surface

Andrew Muroyama, UCSD

Morrill II, room 222

Host: Arif Ashraf

Feb 23

Deciphering the cis-regulatory landscape of plants at single-cell resolution

Bob Schmitz, University of Georgia

Morrill II, room 222

Hosts: Xiang Li and Bahman Khahani

Mar 2

Genetic regulation of maize floral development - insights from the transcriptome and translatome

Hailong Yang, UMass Amherst

Morrill II, room 222

Host: Madelaine Bartlett

Mar 9

The physiological control of growth rate variation in plants

Dave Des Marais, MIT

Morrill II, room 222

Host: Greg Gregory

Mar 23

If we are what we eat, then where are we from?

Colin Khoury, San Diego Botanical Garden

Morrill II, room 222

Hosts: Jake Barnett and Ana Caicedo

Mar 31

Can we find adaptive genes using whole genome re-sequencing?

University of Bath

Watch Party @ 222 Morrill II & Zoom

Host: Ana Caicedo

Apr 6

A plant living inside a plant: genomic and developmental changes under extreme holoparasitism

Natalia Pabón-Mora, Universidad de Antioquia

Morrill II, room 222

Host: Madelaine Bartlett

Apr 13

Using biodiversity to explore mechanisms of environmental stress resilience in plants

Jose Dinneny, Stanford University

Morrill II, room 222

Host: Michelle Facette

Apr 20

State of the Plant Biology Graduate Program

Sam Hazen, UMass Amherst

Morrill II, room 222

Apr 27

Genetic and epigenetic regulation of seed development

Mary Gehring, MIT

Morrill II, room 222

Hosts: Le Liu and Houlin Yu

May 4

Stress induced changes to plant architecture - building the toolkit for new wave of environmental resilience

Magdalena Julkowska, Boyce Thompson Instiute

Morrill II, room 222

Host: Sam Hazen