Spring 2018 Seminar Schedule

Jan 25

What I learned as a rotating program officer at the National Science Foundation, with Q&A

University of Massachusetts Amherst
222 Morrill Science Center South

Feb 1

Mosaics, megabases, and matryoshki: a leaf-to-landscape perspective on the symbiotic renaissance

University of Arizona

Host: Kelly Allen

Feb 8

Closing the deal: Arabidopsis LORELEI is required for pollen tube reception by the female gametophyte

University of Arizona
222 Morrill Science Center South 

Feb 22

Circadian Regulation of Plant Innate Immunity

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Host: Dong Wang

Mar 1

Exploring the enzymatic diversity underlying plant terpene biosynthesis

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mar 22

Hidden History of Beet-Red Pigments: Evolution, Structure-Function, and Application of TyrA Arogenate Dehydrogenases

University of Wisconsin Madison

Mar 29

Development of CRISPR gene editing technology and its application in rice auxin biology

University of California San Diego

Host: Alice Cheung

Apr 5

How plants conquer the space: the cell's flying plates

Washington State University 

Apr 6

Catalytic promiscuity of two plant P450 enzymes: CYP725A4 from Taxus cuspidata and CYP71B102 from Isatis tinctoria

Laxmi Sagwan Barkdoll

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Faculty Host: Sibongile Mafu
11:00am, LSL N415

Apr 12

Mastering Exterior Decoration: Insights into the Synthesis and Regulation of Grass Cell Walls

University of Oklahoma

Host: Sam Hazen

Apr 19

A-to-I RNA editing during sexual reproduction in filamentous ascomycetes

Purdue University 

Host: Li-Jun Ma

Apr 20

Carbon Partitioning to the Plant Cell Wall

Trevor Yeats

Cornell University 
Faculty Host: Alice Cheung
9:00am, LSL N610

Apr 23

Marijuana to Moss: Discovery and Implications of N-acylethanolamines

Eastern Tennessee State University

Host: Om Parkash
Co-sponsored by PB and Stockbridge School of Agriculture
SPECIAL LOCATION: 221 Integrated Sciences Building, 4pm

Apr 27

 Biogeography, biome shifting, and functional traits in a widespread plant clade

Yale University 

Host: Madeleine Bartlett

Co-sponsored by PB and OEB