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In the fall and spring semesters PB seminars are generally held in Morrill Science Center 2 South, Room 222, Thursdays at 4pm, unless otherwise noted. For seminars noted as remote, the Zoom link will be emailed to the Plant Biology list-serv. 

Refreshments will be served beginning at 3:50pm.

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Fall 2023 Seminar Schedule

Sep 14

A career in stress: from chaperones to mitochondria

Elizabeth Vierling

University of Massachusetts Amherst

222 Morrill II

Host: Li-Jun Ma

Sep 21

The role of heatwaves and novel host plants on caterpillar disappearance

Mariana Abarca

Smith College

222 Morrill II

Host: Ana Caicedo

Sep 28

Life on the edge: how to survive without water and other lessons from resurrection plants

Rose Marks

Michigan State University

222 Morrill II

Host: Sam Hazen

Oct 5

Looking back to look forward: understanding morphological diversity for agricultural improvement

Madelaine Bartlett

University of Massachusetts Amherst

222 Morrill II

Host: Michelle Facette

Oct 12

Identifying the root causes of bitter pit in apple

Lee Kalcsits

Washington State University

Cranberry Station

Host: Giverson Mupambi

Oct 21

18th Symposium in Plant Biology - Biology of Mitochondria and Plastids

Maureen Hanson, Cornell University

Maria Maldonado, University of California, Davis

Daniel Sloan, Colorado State University

Kris Niyogi, University of California, Berkeley

Jeeyon Jeong, Amherst College

Integrated Science Building

Oct 26

Plant strategies in response to nutrient limitation in tropical and temperate forests

Michelle Wong

Yale University

222 Morrill II

Host: Rachel Hestrin

Nov 2

Fungal and oomycete populations and the boundaries of species in the scope of genomics

Javier Tabima

Clark University

222 Morrill II

Host: Kelly Allen

Nov 9

Botany and Geogenomics: constraining geological hypotheses with large-scale genetic data derived from plants

Ana Maria Bedoya

Louisiana State University

222 Morrill II

Host: Madelaine Bartlett

Nov 16

Multi-omics investigation of peroxisomal quality control

DurreShahwar (Durre) Muhammad

Rice University

222 Morrill II

Host: Elizabeth Vierling

Nov 30

Tangled up in blue: Understanding carbon movement in trees during water stress

Jessica Gersony

Smith College

222 Morrill II

Host: Ana Caicedo

Dec 7

Symplastic, not a simplistic, path: new insights into the role and structural properties of plasmodesmata cell walls

Yoselin Benetiz Alfonso

University of Leeds


Host: Sibongile Mafu