Summer 2020 seminars will be held remotely.  The Zoom link will be emailed to the Plant Biology list-serv. 

In the fall and spring semesters PB seminars are generally held in Morrill Science Center 2 South, Room 222, Thursdays at 4pm, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments will be served beginning at 3:50pm.
Contact: UMass Seminars IDGP

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Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule

Aug 27

Plant Biology Rotation Talks 

Laura Katz, Smith College
Madelaine Bartlett, UMass Amherst

12:00pm Zoom Seminar

Aug 27

Inter-organellar communication in plant-microbe interactions

University of Wyoming

Host: Sibongile Mafu
4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Sep 3

Plant Biology Rotation Talks

Sibongile Mafu, UMass Amherst
Dong Wang, UMass Amherst
Alice Cheung, UMass Amherst

12:00pm Zoom Seminar

Sep 10

Innovation, conservation and repurposing of gene function in plant root cell type development

University of California, Davis

Hosts: Sam Hazen and Houlin Yu
4:00pm Zoom Seminar 

Sep 17

Regulation of innate immune responses through post-translational modification of nucleic acid-binding proteins

University of California, San Diego

Host: Sibongile Mafu
4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Sep 24

A dynamic view of nutrient uptake, sensing, and allocation in plants

University of Missouri

Host: Elsbeth Walker
4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Oct 1

The State of the Graduate Program

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Oct 8

How interorganellar communication regulates plant stress responses

University of California, Riverside

Host: Sibongile Mafu
4:00pm Virtual Seminar

Oct 15

Natural diversity in highly variable plant NLR immune receptors

University of California, Berkeley

Host: Jarrett Man
4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Oct 22

The common-bean - Rhizobium etli nitrogen fixing symbiosis: unraveling novel plant regulators

National Autonomous University of México

Host: Miriam Hernandez-Romero
4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Oct 29

Polarity factors and regulators in plant asymmetric cell division

Rutgers University 

Host: Michelle Facette
4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Nov 5

RNA-directed DNA methylation and abiotic stress mediated transcriptional regulation in maize

University of Washington, Bothell

Host: Madelaine Bartlett
4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Nov 12

Graft genomics: from cell-to-cell to organ system interactions

Cornell University 

Hosts: Ana Caicedo, Michelle Facette, Elsbeth Walker
4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Nov 19

Solving the mystery of secondary plasmodesmata formation

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Host: Michelle Facette
4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Dec 3

Impacts of temperature stress on clock gene regulation in Arabidopsis

University of California, Riverside

Hosts: Sam Hazen and Kelly Allen
4:00pm Zoom Seminar

Dec 10

Which side are you on? Investigating polar localization and function of IRK in the root endodermis

University of California, Riverside

Host: Arif Ashraf
4:00pm Zoom Seminar