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UMass Amherst Polymer Scientists Report Unexpected New Dynamics for Large DNA Molecules in Liquid Suspension

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Polymer physicists Murugappan “Muthu” Muthukumar and Di Jia are reporting the unexpected and previously unknown behavior of a charged macromolecule such as DNA embedded in a charged hydrogel, where it displays what they call a “topologically frustrated” inability to move or diffuse in the gel, a phenomenon they describe in the current Nature Communications. Read more

Congratulations to all of the 2017 - 2018 degree recipients!

photo of MCB students and faculty at Commencement
Sai Balchand Ketan Mathavan
Keith Ballard Emrah Ilker Ozay
Payal Damani-Yokota Amrita Palaria
Derrick Deming Yuzhou Tang
Heidi Hu Joe Torres
Muhammad Adil Khan Robert Vass
Barbara Mann Yili Zhu
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Lydia Lamriben PhD Dissertation Defense

photo of Lydia Lamriben

Monday, June 18, 2018
2:00 PM
Life Sciences Laboratory, Room S340
Dissertation Title:  Identifying functional components of the ER Degradation-Enhancing Mannosidase-Like Protein 1 (EDEM1)
Advisor:  Dan Hebert

Common Antimicrobial Triclosan Linked to Colonic Inflammation, Altered Gut Microbiota 

photo of Zhenhua Liu, Lisa Minter, graduate students Min Gu, Kathy Sanidad and Weicang Wang, postdoctoral fellow Haixia Yang, Hang Xiao and senior author Guodong Zhang

A large research team led by senior author Guodong Zhang at the University of Massachusetts Amherst reports that the antimicrobial ingredient triclosan, found in hand soaps and toothpastes among other products, could have adverse effects on colonic inflammation and colon cancer by altering gut microbiota, the microbes found in our intestines. Read more

Chemists, International Team Develop Blood Test to Detect Liver Damage in Under an Hour 

photo of Vincent Rotello

Chemist Vincent Rotello, with colleagues at University College London, U.K., announced that they have developed a “quick and robust” blood test that can detect liver damage before symptoms appear, offering what they hope is a significant advance in early detection of liver disease. Details appear in Advanced Materials. Read more

Patricia Wadsworth, incoming Director of the Interdepartmental Graduate Programs (IDGP), Awarded the 2018 CNS Outstanding Service/Engagement Award

Patricia (Pat) Wadsworth, Professor and Associate Chair of Biology, who will become the Director of IDGP in June 2018, has been awarded the 2018 CNS Outstanding Service/Engagement Award. CNS Outstanding Achievement Awards recognize excellence and honor faculty and staff members and students who have made important contributions to their discipline, department, college, and university. Recipients are presented with their awards at a special ceremony in the spring. Read More

Tom Maresca, Associate Professor of Biology and Associate GPD of MCB, receives the 2018 CNS Outstanding Early Career Award in Research

photo of Tom Maresca

The research focus in the Maresca lab is cell division, a fundamental biological process. Cell division is complex with many opportunities for errors to occur. Their research aims to expand knowledge of how cells detect and correct errors during cell division. They address central scientific questions with both molecular and biochemical approaches, high- and super-resolution microscopy of living cells, and plenty of fun. Read more

Gerry Downes, Associate Professor of Biology, was awarded the 2018 CNS Oustanding Faculty Award for Diversity & Inclusion

photo of Gerry Downes

Gerry Downes, Associate Professor of Biology, was awarded the CNS 2018 Outstanding Faculty Award for Diversity and Inclusion. These awards recognize and honor excellence and achievement in promoting a climate of diversity and inclusion within the college. Successful nominees will have demonstrated, through their actions, leadership and/or innovation in increasing, retaining, and supporting the success of individuals who have been historically underrepresented in CNS and/or in removing the barriers that prevent full participation of all members of our community. Read more

Shelly Peyton and Zhenhua Liu receive 2018 College Outstanding Teaching Awards

Shelly Peyton (Chemical Engineering) and Zhenhua Liu (Nutrition) received 2018 College Outstanding Teaching Awards at the Faculty Honors Dinner April 30. The awards honor individual teaching accomplishments within the university’s schools and colleges, and were presented to 14 faculty members on campus. Read more

Shelly Peyton featured on UMass home page for her interdisciplinary research fighting cancer

photo of Shelly Peyton

In her quest to stop cancer-related deaths, Shelly has brought together a team of UMass Amherst chemical engineers and biologists to learn how breast cancer spreads to other tissues. Watch video