Financial Support

Student Funding

All students admitted to the NSB Doctoral Program are supported for 12 months at a nationally competitive stipend level for a minimum of 5 years, assuming satisfactory progress in their graduate training. Full tuition credit and health insurance are also included in the student support package. There are several mechanisms by which NSB graduate students are funded: research grant-funded assistantships (RAs) with a specific faculty advisor, teaching assistantships (TAs) to assist in undergraduate biology or psychology courses, competitively funded NIH predoctoral NRSA fellowships, and Graduate School Fellowships. Incoming students supported on a teaching assistantship or traineeship are expected to select a "laboratory rotation" option which provides the opportunity to work with faculty in more than one laboratory during the first year, prior to choosing a specific research advisor.

Graduate Employee Organization (GEO)

The Graduate Employee Organization is a union that works on behalf of students to maintain and build upon our outstanding, comprehensive benefits package, which includes vision and dental coverage, counseling and mental health services, full waivers of tuition, and an annual stipend for NSB graduate research and teaching assistants.