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Health Services

All students who have health insurance are eligible to receive care through the University Health Services. Off-campus hospitalization and surgical services can be arranged by the Health Services' staff, but the cost of this care is the responsibility of the individual student. A supplemental insurance program is available to students on an optional basis to provide coverage for most medical and surgical services not available at the Health Center. This plan also provides coverage for dependents of students. The purpose of the Health Services is to help each student realize optimum physical, emotional, and social well being in order to derive the most benefit from the University experience.Services available at the Health Center include unlimited outpatient consultation with staff physicians and nurse practitioners backed by supporting diagnostic x-ray, laboratory, pharmacy, and physical therapy facilities. In addition, the Health Center provides inpatient service for those in need of hospitalization. For more information contact: University Health Services.


The University provides a limited amount of housing on campus for married and single graduate students. Graduate students who wish to live on campus should contact the appropriate offices listed below as early as possible to assure that space is available.

Off-Campus Housing

The popularity of the Amherst area can make the housing situation fairly tight, especially for housing that students can afford. Rental listings in the area are available from the Office of Family Resources, Room 428 Student Union Building, for a wide variety of housing options: 1) vacant units, including houses, condos, apartments in houses, and apartments in complexes; 2) shared housing, including housemates, apartment-mates and rooms in private homes; 3) sabbatical listings; 4) summer and intersession sublets; 5) and a number of special interest housing options, such as gay/lesbian/bisexual houses, part-time housing, short term vacancies, and religious homes.

If you cannot be in the area for the search itself, there are two main ways to find out what is available:

  1. You can access the CSHRC database directly through the World Wide Web. This provides students direct access to all of the advertisements in the CSHRC database. You can conduct searches of the listings based on what type of housing you are looking for.
  2. Contact the Office of Family Resources at (413) 545-0865. The housing staff can mail or fax students a list of housing that has been listed in the previous 10 days. To cover postage and telephone charges, there is a $2.00 fee for this service. A two-month subscription fee is $12.00. Students can then call the telephone numbers provided, ask for a description, and see if you can negotiate an agreement over the telephone.

As a referral and listing service, the Office of Family Resources and Off Campus Housing can only provide information and support services to access local housing. You are responsible for making your own arrangements with prospective landlords and housemates. Beware: In Massachusetts typically tenants must pay first and last month's rent plus a security deposit equal to one month's rent when the lease is signed. Many landlords require references. Feel free to e-mail questions directly to the housing staff at:

Being in the Amherst area can make a big difference in your approach to house hunting. Every option is open to students if they can be present during the search. If you cannot be in Amherst, it is sometimes hard to convince landlords and/or potential housemates to commit to you sight unseen. In addition, you don't have the chance to make sure the housing is what you want (physically and/or in termes of housemates).

The best time to find a place to live for the fall is late July or early August. The exception to this are apartment complexes which may put you on a waiting list from April onwards. Most landlords put their apartments on the market about 6 weeks before move-in date. Keep this in mind if you are planning a trip to Amherst to find housing. The most favorable rental market is for leases (15 months) beginning June 1. Since this is a college town, many students leave the area for the summer. Consequently, many people try to sublet during the summer, often at reduced prices. If you want to be in the Amherst area during the summer, keep this in mind.

Expect to spend at least three or four days looking for a place. It could take shorter or longer, but it depends on what is available and how much you can afford to pay.

If you need a place to stay during your vist, you can reserve a room at the Campus Center Hotel, telephone: (413) 549-6000.

If you need an affordable, below market rent situation the Homesharing Program can place you with an elder or a family seeking services in exchange for rent. This program has a high demand for women renters. Call the Match Coordinator at (413) 545-4466.

Graduate Student On-Campus Housing

At present, two residence halls in the Southwest Residential Area are reserved for use by graduate students, nontraditional undergraduates enrolled at the University are eligible to live in Prince House or Crampton House. The Prince/Crampton graduate residence complex are two, low-rise , four-story residence halls containing six large social lounge areas, two recreation rooms, three television rooms, vending machines, and two kitchenette areas. All accommodations are double occupancy and all residents will be assigned a roommate.

Location: The Prince/Crampton Graduate Residential complex is located on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Sunset Avenue in the Southwest Residential area. There is a sheltered bus stop directly in front of the complex. The complex is also across the courtyard from Hampshire Dining Commons.

Room Furnishings: Each resident should expect the following furnishings: single bed (frame and mattress), desk, desk chair, bookcase, and closet space. One soft chair and a wastebasket are also furnished. Pillow, bed linens, towels, telephone tables, and desk lamps are not provided. When planning what to bring for your room, please remember that you will be sharing space with another resident.

Facilities: The Graduate Residence Complex has student rooms, bathrooms, and entrances modified for mobility-impaired residents. Each floor has two study lounges. A well equipped computer lab is available in the complex. In their leisure time, Prince/Crampton residents may use the televisions, ping pong and pool tables, the music room, equipped with a piano, and other recreational equipment. Laundry facilities (coin operated washers and dryers) are located in the basement.

Singles: Assignments to designed single rooms are determined by a student's expressed willingness to pay the appropriate surcharge and by the student's seniority point standing in Prince/Crampton. Seniority is defined as length of time spent in Prince/Crampton. An additional fee is charged for designed singles and for double single rooms during the semester. An additional surcharge is also charged for these types of accommodations during summer, intersession, and vacation periods.

Food: Meal plans for 10, 14, and 19 meals per week are available to Prince/Crampton residents. Subscribers can dine at Hampshire or Berkshire Commons in Southwest, or in the campus' other two dining halls. The Prince/Crampton Graduate Residence Complex has two kitchens complete with stoves, ovens, microwave, sinks, and cabinets. The kitchens are available to residents for any preparation of light meals and snacks. Meals may not be prepared in student rooms.

Pets: No pets (including birds or insects) are allowed in University residence halls.

Space Assignment Procedures: In order to be certain of your assignment to the Prince/Crampton Complex, please take note of the following administrative procedures: Upon receipt of your application the Housing Assignment Office will offer you a space or will notify you that you have been placed on a waiting list. Students on the waiting list will be offered spaces as others cancel their reservations, withdraw from school, or as they fail to pay their housing bills on time and have their assignments canceled. At the time graduate students receive a space offer, they will also receive a bill for a $100.00 prepayment (with an indicated due date). Prepayments paid by the indNSB Academic Requirements, Policies and Procedures 2019-2020icated due date are credited to semester fee bills. Prepayments can be refunded only if a space cancellation is received before the indicated due date. The payment of housing fees on time guarantees your space assignment until noon on the first day of classes each semester. If you cannot arrive on time, you must notify the Housing Assignment Office in writing prior to the appropriate deadlines. Students should arrive at the Prince/Crampton Graduate Residence Complex on opening day at the specified time. Accommodations for early arrivals cannot be made.

Contact: The Housing Assignment Office, 235 Whitmore Administration Bldg., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003

Telephone: (413) 545-2100 or (413) 545-2101

Family Housing

The University owns and manages approximately 345 unfurnished apartment units of various sizes at two locations on or near campus. Students with dependent children, are eligible for these spaces. All students are eligible, with priority given to students with dependent children in residence. Assignments are made according to circumstances with regard to the number of current vacancies. Applicants should plan on having to wait at least a year because of the extensive waiting list, which is updated three times a year. The Family Housing Office attempts to fill the apartments as soon as possible.

Information regarding assignment procedures, apartment descriptions, and application forms may be obtained from the Family Housing Office.
Telephone: (413) 545-3115