NSB Recruitment 2023

Welcome to UMass NSB recruitment (2023-24)!

If you are looking for quick & important information about how to apply, who to contact with questions, which labs are looking for students, or if you are interested in learning more about the program, you're in the right place.

Important Dates:

  1. Application deadline: December 1st (letters of recommendation are due December 8th)
  2. Application requirements:
    1. Reference letters (2+)
    2. Personal statement
    3. Online graduate school application (linked aboved)
  3. Graduate school application fee
  4. In-person recruitment event and campus visits: February 8-9th, 2024

Application review by the NSB admissions committee begins November 15th. All applications submitted will be considered equally when submitted before the December 1st deadline.

Who is looking for graduate students?

Faculty actively recruiting:

  1. Heather Richardson
  2. Paul Katz
  3. Jennifer Rauch
  4. Joonkoo Park
  5. Luke Remage-Healey
  6. Stephanie Padilla

Faculty tentatively recruiting:

  1. Elena Vazey
  2. David Moorman
  3. Lisa Sanders
  4. Sarah Pallas
  5. Rebecca Spencer
  6. Gerald Downes

Check out the 'IDGP Outdoors' video, made by MCB students, to showcase the bounty of outdoor recreation opportunities in the Pioneer Valley!


Lab & facility introduction videos (more coming soon!):

Tour of Morrill IVN Neuroscience Facility (Opened January 2020) Part 1

Tour of Morrill IVN Neuroscience Facility (Opened January 2020) Part 2

Richardson Lab

IALS Microscopy Core

Initiative on Neurosciences (IONs)

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