Each colloquium starts at 4:00pm on Wednesday unless otherwise noted. NSB colloquia are held in 222 Morrill Science Center II and refreshments are from 3:45-4:00pm.

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Fall 2017 Colloquium Schedule

Sep 13

NSB Student Research Colloquia

Miriam Munoz

"Neural responses to word onsets in continuous speech"

Ramiro Reyes

"Cross-cultural differences in social decision making"

Sep 20

NSB Student Research Colloquia

Matias Andina

"Neural basis of maternal behavior across the postpartum period"

Sumire Sato

"Changes in cortical drive during split-belt locomotor adaptation"

Sep 27

The neural mechanism of aggression

New York University

Student Host: Matias Andina

Oct 4

Understanding the molecular components of a memory

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Oct 11

The 24-hour clock in our DNA
Sinauer Associates Distinguished Scientist Lecture

UT Southwestern

Faculty Host: Eric Bittman

Location:  Lecture to take place in ILC S240

Oct 18

Balancing family and peer influence in adolescence: Insights from the developing brain

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Student Hosts: Adaeze Egwuatu and Chaia Flegenheimer

Oct 25

Chunking as an optimized strategy for lossy data compression in working memory

Brown University

Faculty Hosts: Youngbin Kwak and David Huber

Nov 1

From functional and structural imaging data to circuit understanding

Harvard University

Faculty Host: Paul Katz

Nov 8

The link between microbiome and mental health

Alban Gaultier

University of VIrginia School of Medicine

Host: Dominique Alfandari

Note: This seminar will take place in ISB 221

Nov 29

Changing your tune:  mechanisms for variability and plasticity in vocal motor performance in songbirds

Tufts University

Student Host: Dan Vahaba

Dec 6

Inhibitory circuits for olfaction and audition

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Faculty Host: Joe Bergan