Fall 2019 Seminar Schedule

Sep 4

Sensory processing in autism – Core phenotypic status?

Dartmouth College

Sep 11

NSB Town Hall, for all faculty, postdocs and students

Discussion of topics for the program and our community; bring questions, suggestions, and ideas!

Sep 18

The neurobiology of social bonding, empathy and social loss: Implications for autism.
Neuroscience Distinguished Lecturer Series


Host:  Paul Katz

Sep 25

Synaptic CaMKII signaling: new ‘tricks’ for an old kinase

Vanderbilt University

Host:  Meg Stratton

Oct 2

Natural behavior and the primate brain

University of California, San Diego

Host:  Agnes Lacreuse

Oct 9

NSB faculty meeting (French 209)

NSB student panel discussion (Morrill 2, Room 222)

Oct 16

Circuit and molecular mediators of goal-directed function

University of Pennsylvania

Host: ChangHui Pak

Oct 23

No seminar this week - Society for Neuroscience conference

Oct 30

Influences of age and culture on memory

Brandeis University

Nov 6

Bioengineering CNS morphogenesis in 2- and 3-D

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Host:  Yubing Sun

Nov 8

Straighten up and fly right: Long distance dispersal and flight control in Drosophila

California Institute of Technology

Host:  Paul Katz
Alexander Speaker
Seminar Location:
 ILC N151
OEB/NSB co-sponsored seminar; held on Friday

Nov 13

No seminar this week, university is on a Monday schedule today

Nov 19

Tools for mapping and controlling complex biological systems

Neuroscience Distinguished Lecturer Series

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Host:  Peter Chien
Seminar Location: Morrill 2, Room 222
MCB/NSB co-sponsored seminar; held on Tuesday 

Dec 4

Dissecting release site architecture for fast neurotransmitters and for neuromodulators

Harvard Medical School

Host:  ChangHui Pak
Seminar Location: Morrill 2, Room 222
MCB/NSB co-sponsored seminar; held on Wednesday

Dec 11

Do study aids actually help you focus? Lessons from rats

Emma  Dauster
Graduate Student Research Talk
Vazey Lab