Fall 2022 Seminar Schedule

Sep 7

NSB Fall Community Kick-Off

Sep 14

Martha Bagnall, Washington University in St. Louis

"Circuits governing locomotion in larval zebrafish"

Host: Gerry Downes

Sep 17

NSB All Program Retreat

Sep 21

NSB student discussion and elections

Host: NSB Student President Michael Bahiru

Sep 28

Sally Kim, Amherst College

Host: Jennifer Wang

Oct 5

NSB Student Showcase

feat. Kate Otter, Elen Rodberg, Jenn Christensen

Host: Luke Remage-Healey

Oct 12

Sharon Owino, Smith College

Host: Heather Richardson

Oct 19

Patrick Rothwell, University of Minnesota

"New Tricks for an Old Dog: the Function of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme in Brain Circuits"

Host: Elena Vazey / Emily Rothwell

Oct 26

Matheus Macedo-Lima, University of Maryland

"How do adult songbirds learn new sounds? Using neuromodulators to probe the function of the auditory association cortex" (Public Defense ca. 2020)

Host: Luke Remage-Healey

Nov 2

Nick Gilpin, Louisiana State University

"The amygdala is a hub for traumatic stress effects on behavior."

Host: Ilia Karatsoreos

Nov 9

IONS Distinguished Lecture

Vanessa Ruta, Rockefeller University


Host: Paul Katz

Nov 30

Sally Temple, Neural Stem Cell Institute, Rensselaer NY

"Investigating Tauopathy Mechanism and Interventions with 3D brain organoids"

Host: Jennifer Rauch

Dec 7

Aleisha Moore, Kent State University


Host: Jeremy Spool