Plant Environment Interactions

Plant Environment Interactions - Image credit: J. Giacomini/Adler Lab

Plant Environment Interactions includes: Abiotic Interactions, Plant Pathology, Plant-pollinator/herbivore Dynamics, Pest Management, Stress Physiology

Name Research Interests
Lynn Adler
Professor, Biology
Ecology and evolution of insect-plant interactions
Daniel R. Cooley
Professor of Plant Pathology, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Epidemiology, ecology and sustainable management of plant diseases
Michelle DaCosta
Associate Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Plant responses to environmental stresses, with emphasis on drought and temperature stresses of grasses.
Kristen M. DeAngelis
Professor, Microbiology
Community ecology and physiology of soil microbes, climate change, plant-soil interactions
Michelle Facette
Assistant Professor, Biology
Cell polarization and asymmetric cell division; cytoskeletal regulation; cellular physiology
Barry Goodell
Professor, Microbiology
Biomedical Research: Fungal Pathogenesis; Environmental Microbiology: Bioconversion Research; Environmental Microbiology: Symbiosis between gill-inhabiting bacteria and marine mollusks
Masoud Hashemi
Extension Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Integrated sustainable farming management practices with an emphasis on cover cropping and remediation of non-point source pollution.
Rachel Hestrin
Assistant Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Plant-microbe interactions, biogeochemistry, ecosystem response to change, sustainable agriculture
Martha Hoopes
Professor of Biological Sciences, Mt. Holyoke College
Spread dynamics, impacts, and lag times in invasion ecology, as well as metacommunity dynamics, particularly for plants and herbivores.
Peter Jeranyama
Associate Professor, Cranberry Experiment Station
Geunhwa Jung
Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Molecular genetics and breeding of disease resistance in grasses and population genetics of plant pathogenic fungi 
Ashley D. Keiser
Assistant Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
  Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology; Climate Change Biology; Soil Ecology; Biogeochemistry
Li–Jun Ma
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Fungal comparative genomics, eukaryotic genome evolution and organism adaptation
Sibongile Mafu
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Biological chemistry of plant natural products
Giverson Mupambi
Extension Assistant Professor, Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment
  Abiotic Stress Ecophysiology  
Om Parkash Dhankher
Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Plant genetic engineering and biotechnology, phytoremediation of soil contaminants
Elsa Petit
Lecturer, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Hilary Sandler
Director, UMass Cranberry Station; Extension Associate Professor
Agriculture, Fruit Integrated Pest Management
Leela Uppala
Extension Assistant Professor
Integrated Cranberry Disease Management; Epidemiology and Disease forecasting; Host-Pathogen-Environment interactions;  Fungicide Resistance; Microbiome
Elizabeth Vierling
Distinguished Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Molecular chaperone function in the cytosol and organelles, plant stress response
Dong Wang
Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Mechanisms of symbiosis between plant hosts and beneficial microbes
Lawrence Winship
Professor Emeritus of Botany, School of Natural Science, Hampshire College
Regulation of cell wall expansion during oscillatory growth in lily pollen tubes
Baoshan Xing
Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Environmental behavior of emerging contaminants and their interactions with plants