16th Annual Symposium in Plant Biology

'Tree Genes to Ecosystem Function'


This year's Plant Biology Graduate Program symposium will feature talks from five experts in the field: 

SHAWN MANSFIELD from University of British Columbia, Canada
On the surface, it seemed so easy - Exploiting natural diversity to uncover cuticular wax biosynthesis in Poplar

JACQUELINE GRIMA-PETTENATI from University of Toulouse, France
Dissecting the regulatory networks underlying wood formation in Eucalyptus during development and in response to abiotic stresses

MISSY HOLBROOK from Harvard University
Vascular transport in trees: In it for the long haul

CHRIS STILL from Oregon State University
Forest ecosystem physiology: temperature, water, and carbon cycles

JENNIFER POWERS from University of Minnesota
Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests and Global Change



Saturday, October 13, 2018, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Talks will be held in room 135 of the Integrated Sciences Building (ISB) - 661 N. Pleasant St. Amherst MA. 01003

Registration will be held in the ISB Atrium. The poster sessions, lunch and reception will be held in the UMass Campus Center Hotel.


The symposium is an initiative of the PB Program that is designed to highlight an exciting area of plant biology by featuring a daylong program of speakers, along with a poster session for attendees from any institution to share their research.  This year's organizing committee is: Sam Hazen and Kristina Stinson.

Registration is now open and free of charge.

For more information or questions, send an email to: pb@bio.umass.edu

For information on our past symposiums, see the Plant Biology Annual Symposium History page.