15th Annual Symposium in Plant Biology

Saturday, October 14, 2017

'Capturing the dynamic architecture of cells: Honoring the
high-resolution career of Peter Hepler'


This year's Plant Biology Graduate Program symposium will feature talks from five experts in the field: 

PETER HEPLER from University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Growth control in pollen tubes: the actin/ion nexus

LACEY SAMUELS from University of British Columbia
Multi-scale analysis of endoplasmic reticulum-plasma membrane contact sites

Abscisic acid-induced signal transduction and stomatal CO2 sensing in plants 

STEFANIE SPRUNCK from U of Regensburg
Molecular and cellular events during gamete activation and fusion

LUIS VIDALI from Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Quantitative analysis of vesicles, myosin XI, and actin dynamics in tip growth


The symposium is an initiative of the PB Program that is designed to highlight an exciting area of plant biology by featuring a daylong program of speakers, along with a poster session for attendees from any institution to share their research.  This year's organizing committee is: Tobias Baskin, Madelaine Bartlett, and Magdalena Bezanilla.

Registration is now open and free of charge. We are also accepting donations to the Peter K. Hepler Research Scholarship.

For more information or questions, send an email to: pb@bio.umass.edu

For information on our past symposiums, see the Plant Biology Annual Symposium History page.