Evolution & Ecology

Evolution and Ecology - Image credit: Bartlett Lab

Evolution and Ecology includes: Agricultural Ecology, Community Ecology, Evolutionary Development, Sustainability and Bioeconomy

Name Research Interests
Madelaine Bartlett
Associate Professor, Biology
Evolution of plant development; Molecular evolution
Ana Caicedo
Professor, Biology
Evolutionary genomics of adaptation and divergence in wild, weedy and crop plant species
Daniel R. Cooley
Professor of Plant Pathology, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Epidemiology, ecology and sustainable management of plant diseases
Lillian Fritz–Laylin
Assistant Professor, Biology
Field of Study: Evolution and functional specification of cytoskeletal networks
Rachel Hestrin
Assistant Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Plant-microbe interactions, biogeochemistry, ecosystem response to change, sustainable agriculture
Martha Hoopes
Professor of Biological Sciences, Mt. Holyoke College
Spread dynamics, impacts, and lag times in invasion ecology, as well as metacommunity dynamics, particularly for plants and herbivores.
Laura A. Katz
Professor of Biological Sciences, Smith College
Genome evolution and biodiversity studies of microbial eukaryotes
Ashley D. Keiser
Assistant Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
  Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology; Climate Change Biology; Soil Ecology; Biogeochemistry
Jill Miller
Professor of Biology, Amherst College
Ecology and evolution of plant reproductive systems, molecular phylogenetic systematics, population and evolutionary genetics, hybridization and speciation
Elsa Petit
Lecturer, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Tristram Seidler
Extension Assistant Professor, Biology
Plant ecology, plant diversity, invasive plants, climate change
Kristina Stinson
Associate Professor, Environmental Conservation
Plant Ecology, Invasive Plants, Biological Responses to Global Change