Spring 2016 Seminar Schedule

Feb 9

Molecular regulation of proliferation and patterning of a regenerating salamander limb

Dept of Biology
Northeastern University

HOST:  Dom Alfandari

Feb 23

All MCB faculty meeting

Dom Alfandari

Mar 8

Insights into the evolution of viruses and antivirus defense systems from genomic and metagenomic data mining

National Center for Biotechnology Information

HOSTS:  Eric Bittman and Jeff Blanchard

Mar 22

Circuit mechanisms for vocal imitation

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

HOST: Luke Remage-Healey

Co-sponsored by Molecular & Cellular Biology and Neuroscience & Behavior

Mar 29

Regulatory role of non-coding RNAs in immune responses

UMass Amherst VASCI Department

HOST:  Wei-Lih Lee

Mar 30

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department Nordin Lecture:
From Protein Folding to Cognition: The Serendipitous Path of Discovery

Peter Walter, Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics

University of California San Francisco; HHMI

NOTE ON LOCATION: Morrill Science Building, Section I, Room 375

Sponsored by the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department.

Hosted by Lila M. Gierasch, Distinguised Professor, Depts., of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Chemistry

Apr 5

Trafficking in CF therapies: inhibiting protein-protein interactions to rescue CFTR

Department of Biochemistry, Dartmouth Medical School

HOST:  Scott Garman

Apr 12

The role of dopamine in the inner ear

Oregon Health & Science University

HOST: Genglin Li

Apr 19


UMass Amherst Biology Department

Apr 26

Plants Flash their KASH: The Role of Plant LINC Complexes in Nuclear Positioning, Fertility, and Disease

Department of Molecular Genetics, Ohio State University

HOST: Magdalena Bezanilla

Co-sponsored by Molecular and Cellular Biology and Plant Biology

May 10

Host-pathogen interactions that regulate blinding eye disease caused by Aspergillus and Fusarium

Institute for Immunology, University of California Irvine

HOST:  Li-Jun MA