Fall 2015 Seminar Schedule

Sep 8

MCB Incoming Student Lab Rotation Fair

No Seminar

Sep 15

MCB Incoming Student Lab Rotation Fair

No Seminar

Sep 29

The Importance of Variability in Generating Regular Plant Organs

Adrienne Roeder

School of Integrative Plant Science, Plant Biology Section
Cornell University

Host: Madelaine E. Bartlett; Co-sponsor: MCB & Plant Biology Graduate Programs

Oct 6

How Cyanobacteria Use Three Proteins to Predict the Future and What Happens When They Get It Wrong

Michael Rust

Universtiy of Chicago

Hosts: Peter Chien, Jennifer Ross

Oct 13

Monday Class Schedule

No Seminar

Oct 20

Integrated inference of demography and selection from human population genetic data

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brown University

Co-sponsored with MCB — this seminar is on a Tuesday
Host: Courtney Babbitt

Oct 27

Causes and Consequences of Interpersonal Microbial Variation

Andy Goodman

Yale University

Hosts: Shelly Peyton, David Sela

Nov 3

Strategies to Treat Degenerative Diseases: Using Small Molecule Probes that Attenuate Mitochondrial Protein Translocation

Carla Koehler


Host: Lila Gierasch

Nov 10

Exploring the Function of Deubiquitinases Using Chemical Tools

Eric Strieter

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Host: Peter Chien

Nov 17

From Hot and Spicy to Cold and Clammy: Thermal and Chemical Sensing in Drosophila

Paul Garrity

Brandeis University

Host: Michele Markstein

Nov 24


Dec 1

Title TBA

Katherine Luzuriaga

UMass Medical School

Host: Barbara A. Osborne

Dec 8